Welcome to the Longfellow Middle School PTA fundraiser and donation site!

In the past 12 months we have brought in over $10,000.00 through our community fundraisers.

How does the PTA use the funds that are raised? While the middle school PTA might not be as active as elementary school, it supports teachers/staff and students in a variety of ways all throughout the school year. Here are some examples:


  • Grants to teachers for classroom enhancement

  • Grants to clubs (teacher sponsored)

  • Grants to support the theater program

  • Teacher Appreciation Week and other opportunities to provide gifts to teachers

  • Meals for teachers (conferences, etc.)

  • School building improvements (furniture, etc.)

  • Funds for field trips and buses (typical years)

  • Support of ACAL in partnership with the Wauwatosa Recreation Department (typical years)

  • Food and Toiletry Pantries for the LMS Community 


We believe that this fundraising opportunity is truly a win/win for the school and community! Enjoy browsing the products from recognizable vendors. If not interested in purchasing, please consider a donation directly to the PTA. 

Thank you for your interest!

Orders are open until March 31st 2022

Delivery to Longfellow by Thursday May 5th 2022 

Just in time for Mother's Day gifts!